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Native in a Nutshell

CrossFit Native in a Nutshell - Click any of the links below to guide you to the information you are looking for
At a Glance - Our Current Class Schedule & Our Current List of Unlimited Memberships
Getting Started - Foundations class provides new clients a solid foundation in the movements and upon completion allows them to seamlessly transition into the fast paced CrossFit group classes.
Contact Us - Direct email link and Google Maps to get to to CrossFit Native

Workout Of the Day


Fri 25 Apr 2014
Warm Up: W2W High Knees...Butt Kickers...Opposite Arm Toe Touch...Bear Crawl...Sideway Shu...


Thur 24 Apr 2014
Warm Up: 20 Partner Wall Ball Throws Over Rig (Catch in a Squat) - Agility Drills Strengt...


Wed 23 Apr 2014
Warm Up: 500m Row - 10 Pushups - 20 Lunges Strength: Back Squat10min e2MoM  2x5x65% - 2x...


Tue 22 Apr 2014
Congrats to Jc Cottrell on his Victory 2:28 Submission Friday night at OFC-1 Warm Up: R...

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